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Bronchial Thermoplasty: Anesthetic Considerations

Published on December 27, 2012 By admin

Bronchial thermoplasty is a new procedure, approved by the FDA in 2010, for the treatment of severe asthma.  It is a procedure where heat is applied to the bronchial wall to reduce the amount of smooth muscle and reduce its’ ability to contract.  Bronchial thermoplasty is a non-drug procedure for severe persistent asthma in patients 18 years […]

How to Ace the Anesthesia Interview

Published on December 9, 2012 By admin

How to Ace the Anesthesia School Interview Applying to Nurse Anesthesia school and completing your years of ICU nursing are just the beginning.  As most all CRNAs know, the interview counts for 80% of your admission evaluation.  Each school wants the most talented students who will complete the program successfully and pass the certification exam […]